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New embryos available!   •   Congratulations to all those who bought some Comestar in 2015! Good success!
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Comestar Lamadona Doorman VG-89 2Yr

Comestar Lamadona Doorman VG-89 2Yr   Holstein Canada   
2-00 14,455 kg 4.8% 3.8% (382-487-454)
1st Jr. 3-Yr-Old, Genetic & Production Awards
and Bred & Owned WDE, Madison 2016
1st Jr. 3-Yr-Old, Intermediate Champion
& Res. Grand Champion Victoriaville 2016
Nom. All-American & Nom. All-Canadian 2015
9th gen. VG or EX with 135* from
the Lautamie & Laurie Sheik family

Comestar Lautamai Man O Man VG-87 2Yrs 3*

2nd Dam
Comestar Lautama Goldwyn VG-88 17*

3rd Dam
Comestar Lautamie Titanic VG-89 2Yr 31*



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